Refund and Withdrawal Policy.

This Refund and Withdrawal Policy describes all the rights and possibilities of the Client provided for the adjustment and processing of requests for withdrawal or refund.

The first item to return is a withdrawal request.

The withdrawal application must be submitted in writing according to the agreement provided by the Company.

The company begins to fulfill the request for the withdrawal of funds, after confirming the fulfillment of all requirements for the provision of Clients, in accordance with the terms of the service agreement. The amount of the payment is also consistent with the agreement.

The company has the right to set a limit on the amount of funds in each period.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50.

The company charges a service charge of 5% when the Client has made less than 5 independent transactions

The company may request additional identification documents from the client for withdrawal and refund as the Company wants to prevent fraud on the part of Clients and actively fights against money laundering.

The client acknowledges his responsibility for paying any costs, commissions and taxes, according to the agreement.

The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the specified details. The Company saves itself from liability if in case inappropriate payments were made due to incorrect specified details of the Customer and other illegal payments in the event of misleading the Company by providing erroneous data.

The client is responsible for following and making all the conditions relating to the withdrawal and return of funds specified in the agreement.

The company has the right to suspend consideration or to withhold payment, in case of suspicion of the Client violating any law, order, or government decree.

All indications not covered by this policy are governed by the terms of the service agreement.

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